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    Lets see your summit!

    I recently bought a mini summit vxl and drove it one weekend before some ESC/Post Office problems so its got me wanting to do some stuff to it. Post some pics of what you have done to your summit Pls! Thanks!

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    There is a gallery already established... the greyed out stickied thread at the top.
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    Im geting a summit 1/16 vxl for X-mas what upgrades should I get
    Summit 1/16 vxl

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    A temp gun, it will answer all your gearing and tire questions. Servo will probably go first. Shim your differential, drive it a little first, it's cheap and you have to wrench a lot to do it and that's great experience if your new to the model or hobby. RPM at least on the front for curbs tires and hard landings. That'll keep it strong for a while then aluminum knuckles and more as it wears.
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