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    1/8 Scale mostly street tires

    I just bought the 17mm adapter to run the larger 1/8 scale tires and wheels, and after looking at the 1/8 scale conversion thread, I believe I will eventually attempt this myself as well. Just wanted to see what tires/wheels people would recommend me running 3S, 70 percent street and 30 percent dirt. I don't want anything to high profile to curb some of the ballooning from the 3S power. Preferably truggy width...
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    You're not really going to find truggy tires for pavement, because truggies are used almost exclusively for racing. I recommend going with something like SupraSales tires from eBay, they're so cheap you can afford a set for dirt and a set for on-road. One pair of ProLine premount truggy tires is about $50, and from SupraSales you can get a full set-- shipped-- for less than that.

    If you do go with truggy size, start beefing up your drivetrain now. The combos weigh 3-4x as much as comparable buggy tires, and have 3-4x the contact patch. Pair that with a drivetrain built to run little, skinny tires, and you'll start breaking lots of parts.

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    yep thats where i bought my onroad set for my build. check it out

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