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    Nope, I didn't do it.

    Edge was asking me what had happened to the pictures in my Scandalous CC Cap Pack Photos post. The pictures are also gone in my CC Cap Mod Photo post. All I can tell you is that I didn't move them, or delete them, as per what the icons left in their place sez.

    In my humble opinion if they were removed to clear memory, or for some other reason, the person responsible should write a little reply note at the bottom of the post string as to why. As it is now, the icon (at best) is very misleading.

    Anyway, if anyone needs any of the pictures again, just give me a shout, and I'll post what views you need. I keep all my photo's on file.

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    I copied yours and save on my phone, doesn't indicate copyright anyway LOL!
    Just a benefits for our fellow Spartan Owners if they want to do the mods. as well,
    But since it was gone what will happen is ask the expert
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    Nope, we didn't do it either. Nothing was done on the forum end, mods can edit a post but they cannot change something on the picture hosting site's side. You'll need to check Photobucket and determine if the link is the same; my guess is that it is not as right-clicking on the photo and going to the site direct gets a "Page Not Found."
    Best thing is to determine what needs to be done on your end and repost the photos with the correct/updated link.
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