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    Tyre selection in link app

    It would be cool, if you could put other tyre sizes, other make through the link app or a single other option to put tyres size into the app.

    This will enable better and more accurate reading from the telemetry.

    A good idea, is prob to get all the tyre diameters from the selection in the link app and then select those as a base for running other tyres.

    Maxx 6.3" = 6.3"
    Talon 3.8 = 5.8"
    Response pro 3.8 =


    If a you know ther overall diameter of the tyres listed in the app, post them here, I will then add them to this post. So can be used to keep the models keeping better track of speeds

    If a rubbish idea let me know.

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    Yeah I was just thinking this the other day. It would be nice if Traxxas would let us input a custom tire size in the app.
    I need R/Cers anonymous.

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