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    Slash Eating Diffs

    hi, i have gone through 3 differentials. I have also made sure not to gun it right away, i accelerate very slowly, and i cant seem to figure it out. so im wondering if someone makes a stronger deferential
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    When you say you have gone through them, what kind of damage are you having? Are you certain, you are not forgetting the little washers when you are assembling them? what weight diff fluid are you using? Can you turn the diff freely in your hands when its not installed in the tranny case? Are you locking down the slipper all the way? When airborne, do you get off the throttle upon landing, or do you keep the wheels spinning? How often do you clean/inspect/oil the bearings in your drivetrain? All of these questions will help you figure out why your diffs are breaking, because they shouldn't be, even gunning it from a total standstill everytime... at least not regularly. You should be able to accelerate as hard as you want to without worrying about a differential.

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