First let me thank Double D for explaining things to me about my other posts. I feel a whole lot better. If anybody wants my ESC/CC Cap Water Cooled Heat Sink mod pictures let me know. Now for the good stuff!

What I wanted to do with this mod was to have the grease poop out at the prop instead of the back of the boat. I also, wanted to be able to use all factory parts, and I wanted my strut to be adjustable, and easy to use with the electronics tray.

What I did first was drill a 1/4 inch tap with a 1/4 inch bit.

Then, I tinned the end of my 1/4 inch brass tube with my 100 watt sodering iron, and used a soldering torch to solder the joint.

Next, I cut and trimmed my 1/4 inch tube down to 1/8 inch exposed. Next, I got a tube that fits snug over the 1/4 inch tube, (I can't remember the size, but it the next size up from 1/4 inch )and cut a 1 inch piece from it.

Then, I soldered the 1 inch piece to the 1/4 piece that had been soldered to strut.

From there, I cleaned up my strut with sand paper and Scotch Brite, greased the struts new brass end, and inserted it into the black grommet.

The last thing I had to do was, to adjust my strut angle, and put my boat back together. With this strut mod, I'm able to use all my factory parts... factory brass tube, factory nylon tube...ect...ect. I would also like to add, that now (with this mod) it a lot easier getting my electronics tray in and out.

I took my boat out today to test it, and all went very well. Well Gents, I hope you like my little mod, and I hope it let you have even more fun with your boat.