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    1/16 Summit Accesories

    Hey guys,

    Searched a lot and couldn't find any info on this.

    I saw some rock crawlers with accessories and figured it'd be really badass to do something like this for my 1/16 summit

    Roof Rack
    Trailer hitch
    Spare tire rack (maybe a smaller tire, to make it seem like a replacement)
    little accesories like coolers and stuff that go on the roof rack.

    But I can't find anything that fits.

    I saw the proline scale roof rack but Im not sure if it would fit on the summit roof.

    Does anyone have any info on this? Anyone done it before?

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    I think Axial has some small scaler goodies. might be worth looking into those.

    the proline scaler kit first came to mind for me as well.
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    the older proline kit will fit PROBALLY

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