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    Newbie looking to master the jato

    I recently bought a jato 3.3 used and plan to make it my project street truck. My question is when it comes to the teeth of gears ive seen 53 tooth to 59 toothed gearswhats the difference? Which will make my truck go faster? And if i replace all the plastic with aluminum will it be heavier or lighter than stock?

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    Lower number of teeth on the spur=more top speed. Higher number of teeth on the spur more=acceleration lower top speed. The opposite is true for the clutch bell. Forget the aluminum get rpm a arms. they're cheaper and lighter then aluminum.
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    Just to add on: faster what way? Acceleration or top speed? Think of a bicycle: the clutch bell is the gearset attached to the pedals and the spur gear is the gearset on the tire. Switch gears and pedal, what happens?
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