I FINALLY got home from a long week away. FIRST thing I did after dropping the kiddo off at day care was to tear into my Rally and get it all setup the way I want. As usual, im going to keep this thread updated as I continue to modify this car over time. I find it easier to keep all the info in one place so anyone seeing it can go back and see the progression of the build. For starters, heres how things went down today:

First, I started by pulling out all the stock electronics. The motor/ESC and RX came out easy:

I was surprised to see all the honey comb underneath the ESC and RX box... makes it hard to re-mount an aftermarket ESC without making your own mounting plate... but more on that later:

Now, the servo was NOT as easy to get out as any other traxxas vehicle ive ever worked on. The whole front of the car has to come apart and its not an easy task to get the servo saver re-installed on the new servo with the rest of the front clip in the way. Still, I really like how the servo is mounted. Its tight, low and out of the way:

I chose to go with a Novak SCT system with a 4.5 turn 550 size sensored motor. The motor feels excellent and looks great. Its not overly large... smaller than a castle 2400 but larger than the VXL by a little bit. The ESC is tiny... smaller than a VXL but apparently can handle this setup no problem:

Motor fits really nice in the chassis and once the RX box is moved it leaves lots of room for the ESC and large cap that comes attached to a Novak system:

Here you can see the custom mount plate I made to hold the ESC and Cap... wasent hard, is held down by 3 screws and is removable. Unfortunately, this type of plastic is not dyeable and looks crappy painted... but white is fine with me: