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    Smile Traxxas Link 2.4 ghz way to program other then by counting lights?

    On the 2.4ghz Traxxas link TX (not the TQI the version after the TQ3) is there a way to Program the transmitter via a laptop? I read a little about using the Setup and Menu buttons and counting the # of Light blinks but I was hoping there was some way to connect it Via USB and use some Program to View and Modify the Settings saved in the Transmitter itself.
    There may not be anything available to do this but I figured I will never know if I do not ask, I have a few Musical Devices (ie Digitech Guitar Workstation, RP1000 etc that you can program on the device itself or via a computer with USB and I found I like using the computer so much better then trying to program anything on the device itself) so I was hoping something like that was available for the Traxxas Link 2.4ghz System

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    Lights is the only way.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    Yeah, a good idea is to keep the programming card that came with the car/remote in the battery tray. I don't use the Traxxas remotes anymore, but I always had that little programming cheat sheet kept in the battery tray! =)

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