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    Spartan freestyle tricks?

    Ok, going back and forth on the lake gets boring after awhile. I don't race yet so no action there. So far my fun has been:

    1. Chasing the ducks (not seriously to hurt them, but to see how close I can get before they run/fly away).
    2. Hard full speed turns to kick the boat into a 360 or 540 deg spin and slosh backwards with the prop in the air. Usually results in my batteries coming loose and wacking around inside.
    3. Put a 3 blade prop in and gunned it so the boat would jump out of the water. Flipped a few times and I flooded it.
    4. Splashing kids/spectators on the shore.
    5. Going in circles to create large waves in the center of the circle then quickly jumping the waves.
    6. Jumping waves left after a real boat comes by. Or skipping on the tops of several wave tips at a time.
    7. Running over my kids Hobbyzone Zig zags when they are in the water too.
    8. Blasting into small inlets 7-15 ft wide to see if I can make the turn without grounding the boat.
    9. Going to a park with playground and lake next to each other. I hide in the kids playground equipment while my boat goes terrorizing people who are fishing. (do notice if I run the boat 50-200 ft from someone who is fishing I scare the fish from my area to theirs and the DO catch more fish!)
    10. Going out to the lake in the darkness of night after knocking a few back and driving by moonlight exhilarated by the excitement and fear that you are going to crash and my never see the boat.

    Share your bashing adventures here.
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