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    just ordered me a 1/10 rally

    hi guys i just ordered me a rally ,what are the most common issues with this car that il need to address at some point ?

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    Congrats! I don't know other than the typical Slash issues...

    Probably the first thing would be an aluminum motor mount with bigger bearing like a Hot Racing or Kings Head, as well as an Aluminum bearing adapter (not sure if the Rally comes with one or not).

    Next just get some good tools like Hex drivers, if you don't already own a set.

    Just enjoy and cross the bridge as things fail or break

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    Temp gun, vg brace and as viper said kHz mount. Other than that leave it stock and upgrade as you break. Oh and a aluminum slipper adapter. You sticking to onroad and drifting? If your gonna do some off-road and some jumps grab some aluminum shock caps, the plastic blow off pretty easily. This things like a vacuum and if you have OCD like me lol, grab a outerwears shroud.
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