I have found teh Manual for the Traxxas Link HO 2238, 2208, 2209 but it shows Features that claim they are only available on teh 4 Channel Transmitters and on the back of mine it says it is a 2239 3 channel.
I want to make sure I have the correct manual so I know I am programming anything I find I want to Program correctly, can I use the 2238 Manual and Just disregard the 4 channel comments?
For instance it says the channel 3 Shift feature is only available with the 4 channel transmitter along with whatever a Front T-Lock and Rear T-Lock
just to be Clear on my 2218X receiver I have the ability to run 2 Steering Servo's (2 Channel 1 Ports)
Throttle/Brake on Channel 2 and Shift or Some other feature with channel 3 Via the Thumb acivated Toggle switch?
What is a Front and Rear T-Lock exactly and why is the rear T-Lock and the battery connected to the same Port?
Also where can I get a Quick Referance Guide? I see it states I shoudl keep a quick Referance Guide in my Transmitter, one of the Cons about Buying Used Items is you almost never get all of the Manuals etc. that were supplied when teh item was brand new.