Is there anythung special I need to do to the engine (besides the Specific Procedures Listed in Manuals) to break it in properly if teh outside air temp is Between 45F and say 50F?
I have noticed on my T-Maxx the engine does not stick up out of the body like it shows the 3.3 does in pictures.
I assume the TRX 3.3 is a much taller engine or at least has a Taller Head Unit as it appears to be about 1-1.5" taller then the TRX 2.5.
I used to have a quite nice Laser Temp Unit one of those Point and shoot type that you can get the temp of anything which worked great for taking Roots Blower Temps and figuring which cylinder was not running correctly by reading the header temp but it appears it grew legs and moved on as I can no longer find it.
Do I or should I have one of those to get the best possible break in quality by assuring the engine is at the proper temp when it is cooler outside like it is this time of year?
I was thinking since the engine is almost completely under the body even when the body is set as low as I possibly can set it without modifying the Bumper and Exhaust slots to allow it to sit lower it may actually keep the engine from running to cool (at least when the body is on) without having to wrap the engine with any paper towels etc.
I am thinking from what has been happening to the engine that came with my T-Maxx that I may have lost a seal in the front bearing so have no option now but use the new engine and I want to make sure I do everything I can to break it in correctly and get the most useage I can out of it.