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    Question Newest TQi vs TQ 2.4: one better than the other?

    Hey everyone...

    I recently got a used HPI Sprint 2 Drift and want to replace the RX/TX (hate the feel of the old AM set that it 'came with'). since im used to the feel of the traxxas controllers and the HPI controllers look bizarre with the wheel in the middle of the remote rather than offset like Traxxas, i thought i'd just stick to my 'roots' and get either the TQ 2.4ghz radio or the new TQi.

    is one better than the other? less known issues? (i thought i've read several threads on here about the new TQi having some issues....??

    thanks for the help!!

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    no differences but the apperance (talking about the one without the ipod docking base)

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    I have 2 TQi with the docking base, use to have a problem with the program, it will shutdown anytime without doing anything, I'm still waiting for the other to send it back to me, Traxxas guys said it needs flushing, so 3weeks that no run for my ERBE.
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    I would get the LINK... no issues with them.
    Unless you feel you HAVE to have telemetry.
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