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    is JB weld dyeable?

    added some JB weld to my bulk heads and knuckles. but when i sanded it down smooth it turned a light gray. so i wonder if i can dye it all the same color?

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    I don't think so, give it a try...
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    I doubt it, but it doesnt hurt to try it. I would not boil it though. Just use a turkey pan and put a pot of boiling water in it. I think the boiling would make the jb weld brittle, or come off. I may be wrong on everything though... If it is really that bad, you could get some spray paint, It is not the best, but it is an option.
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    If the area is small, hit with a Dye Marker: - i'm not certain if it will absorb

    Or my all time fav for correcting black imperfections: the sharpie

    I got some Hi-Tech plastic dye. Its like spray paint thats supposed to act like a dye and not chip off. This would be an option for you. I'll tell you how good it is after I test it out.

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