I was looking at a Picture in the How to rebuild an Engine .pdf and realized my carb is nothing like this I do not have 2 grooves in the carb for O-Rings, I have one O-Ring on Carb and one in Groove in Block where carb Slides into.
What is up with this is it an Older Version or something?
It says it is for the 2.5, 2.5R, 3.3 Engines
Here is a copy of the pic.

I have been trying to figure out if the Larger Orange O-Ring is supposed to be in Block on on the carb as I have 2 different sizes.
None of the Instructions I can find mention anything about which O-Ring goes where.
It looks to me as if the Larger one is on Top and Smaller one is On Bottom in Groove but as I mentioned I do not have a lower groove so should both of my O-Rings be the larger ones?