Went out bashing with my friend (stampede 4x4) and his dad(EMBE).. which by the way was AWESOME!!!

This is the first time I've had her out sine I tore it all down and cleaned it real good. For some reason I couldn't turn left. I can turn right just fine and it centers fine but when I go to turn left it will turn maybe a quarter of an inch, if that, and not go anymore. when I turn the car off, I can turn it left and right with no problem. I know I have my servo saver on center because I took it off, turned it on and let it center, then put the saver back on while the truck was still on.. tried it again and no luck.. even with the trim set all the way to the left it centers and I can't turn left..

Not sure why it was doing that. Does it matter which side the steering blocks are on as long at they face towards the servo??

This is going to make my track day even more fun.. not being able to turn left..
I can't turn left..