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Thread: gears for speed

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    gears for speed

    so i just took apart my jato 3.3 transmision and found out why it wasnt moving. my first gear is dust, i mean the teeth were literally filed down and all i had was a tranny full of dust when i opened it. so the stock jato first gear has 32 teeth and my flywheel(whatever the thingy is attached to the slipper clutch) has 54 teeth. what combinations would i need for super fast acceleration, and just the opposite too, what would be a good gear ratio for top end speed?

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    Think of your bicycle: the clutch bell is your pedal gearset and the spur gear is the rear gear set. Pedal and switch gears...what happens? Smallest up front with largest in back gets you great acceleration but very little top speed. Larger up front and smaller rear is hard to pedal from a stop but you can get moving very quickly.
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