Hey everyone,

I just had a slash 4x4 RTR yesterday from my girlfriend (bless her heart)
I'm looking for a beginner guide for this car.
A little back story :
I had a tamiya manta ray in the 90s, and a T-maxx 1.0 about ten years ago.
I moved to nitro because of the poor run times of the electric batteries back then...
Usually I could go 4-5 minutes with a 1700 battery back in the days with the Tamiya... This killed all the fun.
I just loved the fact that with the T-maxx I could drive for 30+ minutes, just filling the tank once in a while
But now where I live (near Paris), nitro engines are forbidden in public places (woods etc..)
So now I have my brand new slash, went with it in the woods with friends, and had a blast.
15 minutes with the stock battery, 30 minutes with a 4400 one.
Nothing broke, the truck is fun to drive. Not crazy fast or anything, just fun. Lots of torque, nice handling and drifts everywhere.
All my friends LOVED it. It seems soon I won't be alone to own one.

So I have a couple questions for you experts :

I want to BASH the truck, no race, no runs, just random fun in the woods.
I don't want it to go any faster.
What should I do? What should I buy ? I want it easy to maintain

I have the stock battery and a 4400. The charger is slow however.
So that's gonna be the first buy.

What are the pieces most likely to break with a standard nimh battery ? (no crazy power here)

how do you jump without going nose first ?

What tires can give me better traction on mud? The stock ones are "flat" from all the dirt that gets inside the patterns... Maybe 1/8 buggy tires?

Thanks for any input, sorry for the bad english (french here )