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    Question shocks and shtuff for a Summit newbie

    December's around the corner so I need some advice on shocks to keep the truck from dragging its but.

    Also need to know how many spare axles I should get, and any other spare parts I might want?

    I want no downtime

    Will be using it mainly for pulling kids in a sled with 2s lipos, and getting paddles so hopefully it will work how I imagine it
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    Heya TQi, there aren't very many things you need to prevent downtime!! These guys are built TOUGH, they're not like our minis.

    If you want to prevent the rear-end sag there are a few options:

    More spring preload.
    Reverse the front and rear springs.
    Buy a set for $5-6 of DoubleOrange Summit springs, and then have all four corners nice and sturdy.

    Pulling kids in a sled will wear on the parts a liiiitttle fast though haha, so I guess the biggest thing you need to prepare for is: Drive it, and if it breaks based on how YOU are driving it, then you'll know what you need. I've read countless people saying they've towed plenty of things for ages, and haven't broken anything.

    Also, even if you break an axel - usually all that happens is the pin shears the plastic, you can drill out another hole at 180 on the shaft, giving you virtually a whole new axle if the time calls for it.

    The motor costs nothing, axles cost nothing, springs cost nothing, and really the only other thing you can break is the diffs if you mix'm up (don't have them locked when you are in second gear bashing around) but again, they don't cost much at all to fix!

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    the best thing i have found is use diff oil in the shocks i run 5k weight in mine and it handles the best it ever has and does not droop in the rear using stock shocks

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    I got double orange spring on all four corners, way less butt-dragging.
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