I get my spartan wet last weekend to try 4 different prop : ocura x447 , ABC 45x55 , grimracer 42x55 and grimracer 42x66 . I tried on 3S , 4S and 6S ( only the grimracer 42x55) .

My esc is the sea king 180a and i got a castle 1515 2200kv .

I didn t break any speed record but i got fun to compare between these prop and on differnt voltage .

So i want to share with you my experience . The results can change a lot with different batterie brand and quality for sure .

here the video ! As you can see in the video description , i put the time of where each test are for an easy search !

The temp of esc and motor stay very acceptable , because i can put my finger on it no problem and like you see , i didn t small run !