I had seen a listing for New TRX 2.5 Complete Engine Minus The Sleeve, Piston and rod for $24.99 and I was thinking that is a pretty good deal since the bearings, Crank, etc. would cost more then that Seperately?
I was thinking about this as I have the one engine that the Outer flywheel bearing lost its seal so the engine wont stay running but prior to that it ran great and I was thinking of replacing the bearing so I could still use the engine.
Then I was reading where you may have to replace the crank when rebuilding the engine (replacing sleeve Piston and Con rod and when I seen this I was thinking this would be a great deal to purchase a couple allowing someone to have a couple extra sets of everything Minus the Piston Sleeve and Con rod.
I was just curous as to others opinions, was having the Bearing loose its seal on me something that is normal or did I just happen to have something rare happen?
Also How many people actually rebuild their engines rather then just using the Power Up Option Traxxas has?
I would think that having a couple extra sets of Bearings, Cranks, and even Blocks would be a must have if you plan to replace the Sleeve Piston and Con rod as you would never know when one of those Items may go bad, but if most people just go teh Power Up option and get a New Engine,Carb then I would not see much benefit unless something like what happened to me with the bearing is quite common.
Was just curious as to what the community opinion is on the subject as I can see pro's and con's to rebuilding your engines as well as using the Power up option.