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    Soldering question

    Is there some special kind of solder to use on lipo batteries? I keep breaking the ends off. Thanks

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    Are you breaking he solder joint? If it's the joint, it's probably a bad "weld". Not having played with the internals of a LiPo, is there a post you're soldering to, or a tab? if it's a post, try roughing it up with some sandpaper, if it's a tab, use an alligator clip to hold them together so you don't move it while it's cooling. If you disturb the joint while the joint is cooling, you'll likely get a cold joint. If it's a dull gray instead of a shiny silver, you got a cold joint and it will break eventually.

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    Yep cold solder joint. Get a better iron and use lead free silver solder you can get at any radio shack. You should be able to hold the wire and inch or so back from the connector, if not then you are on the connection with heat for too long. I can solder up a battery connector in like 30 seconds, that includes tinning the wire and the connector.

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