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Thread: XO-2 wish list.

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    XO-2 wish list.

    I thought I would start a thread about some possible improvements that might be made to any future versions of the XO-1 that Traxxas might put out. This is in no way meant to disparage Traxxas. This car is absolutely awesome and I have had an absolute blast messing with it. This car is the coolest thing in RC right now for several reasons, telemetry and it's large size being chief among them IMO. That being said, there are always places where things can be improved so I thought we could make a list. I'll post a few things and add to it as time passes. Feel free to add to the list as you see fit.

    1. Tighten up the tolerances in the control arms, etc. Let's face it. There is a little more slop here than we would like to see. It seems to me this could be addressed fairly easily and without spending a wad.

    2. Billet drag link. The stock plastic one flexes like crazy due to the weight of the car. Maybe an aftermarket upgrade could be sold.

    3. XO-1 specific sway bar kit. Why would you want the sway bars off of a 3 pound off road truck on an 11 pound road racer? Cheap easy fix. The kit is fine other than the diameter of the bars themselves.

    4. Reconfigured weighting. Car has a little too much rearward weight bias in stock form. It does allow a lot of room for modding though.

    5. Shorter, XO-1 specific control arms. This will allow for hubs with wider bearing center lines. This is especially a problem in the back. Because the bearings are so close together, just a small amount of play in the bearings adds up to quite a bit of slop at the wheel. Rear toe and camber are very sloppy and it's about impossible to get rid of this. If the bearings were just spaced .200 farther apart I think slop would be reduced to a minimum.

    Once again, this car is great. I wouldn't trade it for any car out there. Because of it's size, we can do all kinds of stupid things like go pros and parachutes. I just thought we might discuss a few things that could be improved upon.

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    Wider tires with wide body kit to contain the tires
    XO-1 #4...

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    NACA duct on the ESC side, heavy duty higher ABEC rated bearings for less slops, stiffer springs,

    TheStenchOfSpeed on the #4 I'm thinking motor on the right side middle and two 3s on the left. esc behind motor in the rear and servo/receiver combo right side front might be good weight distribution. maybe close to 50/50 all around.

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    my way of improving XO-2 version should bump it to 5 scale and have all the best parts that there is. just my .02 cents.

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