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    Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering

    Hey Fellow RC Fanatics,
    I'm enrolled in a Rapid Prototyping and Reverse Engineering class and I'm working on a reverse engineering project in which I need to reverse engineer a product and I picked an RC engine. The problem is, my T-Maxx is at home. If any of you guys have pictures or could take apart an engine and take a picture of the parts so it looks like an exploded view that would be awesome. I need the crankcase, crankshaft, piston, sleeve, con-rod, cooling head, gasket, glow plug, copper gasket, front bearing, rear bearing, backplate and all the screws included.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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    I think you will get a more rounded response here in the Alley compared to the TMAXX part of the forums... Lots of models with Nitro engines besides TMAXX....

    Pretty much the best I can conjure up for you is the exploded views....

    One thing I think is going to make it tough to reverse engineer is the drawing scale or scale of the photograph..... So good luck with that... Most use digitizers and original parts to help with reverse engineering....
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