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Thread: Tires Balding

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    Tires Balding

    Is it normal for the tires to wear out so quickly? The rears are already completely bald around a certain area. I have done alot of pavement running, but its only been a week. Any suggestions for a good all terrain tire? I usually run on grass or pavement. Also will proline 2.2" tires mount directly on too the stock wheels?

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    2.2 tires will require 2.2 wheels and due to the size of the 4X4 castor block a 2.2 wheels will not fit. You need to use a regular Short Course style wheel that is 2.2 on the outside and 3.0 on the inside (like the stock wheels). Any standard Short Course tire will fit on that type of rim so pick one that has a diameter similar to the stock tires. Also, you CAN re-use your stock wheels with new tires. It will save you some $$. Just bake the tires off the rims.

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