Hey guys,
Need money as of late, and sadly, I have to sell one of my longest and favorite projects, My Traxxas Slash 2wd
Being my first RC, i've spent so much time and money on it, so here it goes:
Upgrades include:

Extreme RC Carbon Fiber LCG Chassis
Castle Mamba Pro ESC
Tekin RS 10.5 sensored Brushless motor
Gens Ace 2s 40c 5000mah Harcase LIPO
Traxxas Carbon Fiber front hingepin brace
STRC Hardened Hinge pins all around
STRC Front Castor Blocks
STRC Front knuckles
Proline Pro Trac Kit all around
Lunsford front steering buckles
STRC Front aluminum shocks w/losi orange rate springs
OFNA rear 1/8th shocks
Associated DS1015 Servo (200oz @. .10 sec) Metal geared
Traxxas optional Ball DIff (Not in the car, but I am including it if you wish to put it in)
RPM Rear Bumper
RPM Rear mudflaps
RPM Gear Cover
Ceramic bearings in the tranny (Thats $6 per bearing), and Ceramic bearings in the front hubs
STRC Aluminum Bell Cranks w/bearings
RPM rear bumper mount
Proline Hole shots premounted (Almost NO wear at all)

Comes with the first gen slash body (Beat up body), and a good condition white painted body that has LED lights mounted on to it, but the inner two I think are burnt out (they are pretty old)...it could be the connection is lose, but they're there none the less..and its easy to take them off).

I know im missing a couple upgrades...but as you can tell, my goal in this build was to make a SUPER light, competitive 2wd Slash, and for me at my local track, it definitely WAY very competitive with this setup. In fact, it was too light for my class i was in, so i had to add weights to it to bring it to the minimum weight needed to enter.

Its always been well taken care of, and the motor has seen less then 5 runs, with the ESC only having one run on it. The battery has roughly 10-15 runs. The car overall is in good condition, bearings fresh, tranny greased, shocks always clean/rebuilt.

Spare parts: Comes with a bag of maaany different parts. Tons of different turnbuckles, shock parts, springs, slipper rebuild kit, optional ball diff, spare body, and a few other things thrown in there

Wondering..how much can i expect for it?
NOTE: All you need to get it running is your own RX/TX combo