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    Traxxas Summit replacement equipment for bars

    Hello friends I have quite a common question needs no equipment and receiver to Traxxas Summit only rub in that he has to be Rod and operate all functions. Please advice how to do that give you a preview as I saw it

    The ride in the front back right left no trouble running and lock only if I can somehow hook into these switches to make it work? Alternatively, the rods wylutować one channel and hook into some switches please help.

    I preferred to buy a ready apke that everything worked just as origi.
    thank you.
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    you would have to rip that controller completely apart and find those wires. way to complicated unless you can do a motherboard and still fit it inside the controller. just buy a controller meant for the summit. too complicated.
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    Uhm, you can't post that link here it'll be taken down because of the brand filter on this site. HOWEVER, I have that transmitter and am using three of them for my build. It is a simple 6 channel proportional setup, and I have it setup like this: Right stick left right is steering, up down is throttle. Top left KNOB is diff 1, top right KNOB is diff 2. Left stick is up/down transmission. I use the left and right of the left stick to control my 4ws.

    I couldn't understand the first post, I am sorry. If you want to use those switches at the top, they are already spdt switches, so you can just wire them in place of the two top knobs. Very simple!

    We're not supposed to be supporting non-traxxas equipment here because of course Traxxas hosts this forum, but I hope this helps you use your Traxxas Summit in the way you want to!

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