so, im gonna rebuild my e slayer on a vantage slayer/revo chassis so i can run the the massive truggyed e revo too, and have a few questions about parts as im an electric guy and not a nitro runner. i have a 95% complete rig, just need shock towers, tranny, motor mount, motor system, some skid plates and new holes drilled on my body and im ready to rock.

are the shock towers the same as the e revo?

what all do i need for the tranny, i was wanting to use the motor brakes. can i just run a 2nd gear, lock it in 2nd, and forget about even buying 1st?

would it be better to just get another e revo tranny and motor mount and do a little custom work to mount it? what would i need to do to gearing to make it right for the smaller wheels?

what motor size do you guys suggest? would a 2400-3800KV 550 size work or need 1/8 motor? remember, vantge chassis and 1.8 buggy wheels.

other then buy a conversion kit ( plan on making composite battery trays and esc mount ) how would i go about doing the motor mount if i stick with a nitro transmission? anyone got some specs and pics of the mount and how it attaches to the chassis?

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