Up for sale is my Brushless E-MAXX. I call it "Shadow-MAXX";

The Truck:

- Mamba Monster 2200KV Motor/ESC Combo
- Castle Creations Motor Cooling Fan
- LG Racing Power Double Up Slipper Clutch w/ 6 Almuinum Pads
- Traxxas 2.4GHz Controller
- Traxxas Waterproof Steering Servos
- Traxxas Wheelie Bar
- VG Racing Heavy Duty Shock Springs
- Black Shock Socks
- Black Chasis(Dyed not painted)
- Traxxas Center Steel CVD's
- Summit Driveshaft Upgrade All Around
- RPM A-Arms
- RPM Shock Towers
- RPM Bulkhead Braces
- RPM Skidplates Front and Back
- RPM Center Skidplate
- RPM 14mm Revolver Wheels
- Proline Badlands Tires
- Hexcrews Armor Plated Screw Kit
- Proline Chevy Silverado Body

The accesories:

- 4 Proline Badlands Tires on 17mm wheels (Like New)
- 4 Proline Bowtie Tires on 17mm wheels (Like New and Balanced)
- 4 Proline MAXX Mulcher Tires on Proline Chrome Wheels (Still lots of tread left)
- 4 Proline Road Rage Tires on Chrome Wheels (Awesome Tread Left)
- 17mm wheel adapters
- 2 3S 5000ma Lipos (6 Cycles)
- 2 Venom Red Hardcase 2s 4000ma Lipos (4 Cycles)
- Venom Pro Charger
- EVX-2 ESC with Lipo Cut-Off Indicators (Still Works Great)
- Dual Kershaw Designs Revolver Motors (Still Works Great)
- Old Parts Before Project Shadow

There are just some other small parts that I am going to include that came off the truck before my project.It started its life as a 3905 and was a basher. After a while, I decided to tear it all down and tear it all down and started from scratch. I wanted to create an all black truck and do all plastic with no aluminum. So I spent the money in RPM. This truck only has about 4 runs on it since I put all of the heavy-duty and RPM parts on it. I ended up with a durable 3908 when everything was said and done. The thing looks almost brand new!The only cosmetic "wear" is some scrapes on the front RPM Skid and some scrapes on the roof of the body. Normal driving scars. On 6s it was insane. College came my way and unfortunately its time for one of my prized toys to go. Its a shame to just have this truck sit on the bench, not getting used. I can not say how much I have invested in all this stuff, but it is well over $2000 invested.

$900 plus shipping. NO TRADES Please.

Will ship to lower 48. Maybe Canada.

Pics Here: