i dont know which one i want most

hopefully some of you can help me make my decision
i have different reasons for all

Summit: pros-waterproof,remote locking diffs, high and low gears, led system,
what i would use it for: rock climbing, bashing.
i wont go in water because i dont want to worry about rust or repetitive cleaning but its better than the other two since i dont have to be worried like i am with my sl2sh
cons: slow and tires cant withstand speeds of over 30mph but that obviosly wont happen with stock system

E-maxx: pros-MMM 2200, fast
what i would use it for: high speed bashing, jumping
im worried about is breaking due to higher speeds and bieng so heavy
cons: probably more breakages,

E-revo: pros- MMM 2200, fast, more durable than emaxx
what i would use it for- high speed bashing, maybe for some fun at my lhs`s carpet track, racing at mine/my cousins track.
im also worrid about higher speed breakages
cons- price, wing looks easy to break