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    Going to buy a slash

    Hey guys i think im going to buy a slash 2wd. I don't want to spend a forture although i do want brushless and probably brushless... Anyone got any rollers/parts i should pick up that are essential? i was thinking this ](ROLLER DOSN'T HAVE) ESC/Motor/Servo/Wheels/Body/TX/RX/Antenna tube. Does have the RPM motor guards. As of now looking for $80 shipped
    Good Deal? and what parts should i get that it doesn't have?

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    To save money in the long run, I have found these are good things to get right from the start.

    Castle 4 pole system
    2.4ghz radio of your choice (traxxas?)
    LIPOS (
    Some good tires like trenchers, switches, etc.
    J-Concepts makes some good thick bodies. (You have to paint them though)
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    That's quite expensive ...
    Castle system-250
    Traxxas radio-160
    2075 trx servo-50$
    Body. -45-140$: depends on how much masking tape and colors or paints
    Tires. - 60$

    + the roller. - 80$
    That $ 640 but you get a dream slash. Maybe an lcg kit later.
    Not waterproof though. When you want to go lipo if you haven't it will make your truck nice.
    Honestly though but the rtr slash vxl. You get more for less the tqi , vxl motor and esc, 2075 servo, prepainted body, and the rest of the slash
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