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    Wow what Incrediable Power I get from New 2.5 Engine

    Man I just broke in the new 2.5 a couple days ago and Today I was playing in the Street (which is where i ran it to break it in and pretty much the 7-9 Tank of Fuel well today I ran into curb as I was turning as Since I do not have reverse I decided to drive up on curb and around yard and Holy cow, I was shotting Barkdust and Dirt all over the place, I get all 4 Tires just throwing teh stuff everywhere, I had been running on Asphalt so I knew I coudl do wheelies and Hit brakes and do a Sumersault but was not aware I could remove barkdust and dirt from my flowerbed and place it in the street, as a matter of fact I hit a round rock so hard the rock flew and almost smacked me as it bounced down the paved road and I was not aware it was in the yard at all ( about teh size of a golf ball not to huge)
    One thing though I am curious about is these Nitro Trucks need to be able to get to a Semi High speed to keep engine running at max Power Correct? I ask as I was driving around the house and in the back yard/flowerbeds I started to notice the Truck was not so snappy and seemed to be Bogging so I drove back out to street and down it wide open first gear then second then slowed so I would not go flipping out of control and came back and teh truck had its Snappy Rooster Shooting power back but seemed liek it loded up while out back.
    Maybe I shoudl set the Shift to second a bit higher so when I am out back it doesn't shift into second so much maybe that would help?
    BTW should it run like 1st up until it seems engine is 3/4 of way or so to max RPM before 2nd kicks in?
    Where do most of you have your shift point set?

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    I have mine set at about 75% rpms then shifts....

    Sounds like your tune is not dead on yet, and with a new motor it may need a tweak here and there in the tuning till about the first 1/2 gallon has been through it...

    I can not state how important it is for someone who is new to nitro to have a temp gauge, especially with a new motor or a fuel change....

    Oh and don't forget that pinch test for setting the LSN.... Extremely important for performance and a long engine life...
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