Hey folks,

I've been out of it for a month or so. Lots of things going on right now.

Anyways, I started running my Bad Maxx a little bit and the grub screw holding the motor pinion keeps working loose. Last time it did this I picked up some new grub screws and blue medium Loctite. This didn't help, it still works free. I catch it before it completely works free, I notice the truck kind of lurches forward or reverse and has a loud clunk.

Does the red Loctite hold any better? Maybe I should try a dab of CA glue when I thread it in? I thought about striking the top of the screw and pinion to lock in place but I'd hate to attempt to get that pinion off the shaft if I needed to.


14.4v DeWalt with 5mm shaft
22T Robinson Racing Pinion
70T Rustler Spur
Metal CVDs
Stock diffs filled with 50% putty and 50% oil