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    I went to a MONSTER JAM

    the other day I went to a monster jam it was soo fun but then the power went out
    this is ware we went,r:1,s:0,i:139
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    A Monster Jam show is quite the exciting experience! My girlfriend got us tickets to a show in the Sprint Center this past February. Though said Sprint Center is WAAAY too small for much of a show, the MJ boys did their best and I'm glad I went...'cept I got the flu and was, like, nearly dead for a month (typical stubborn male who won't go to the clinic unless able to eat or drink, right here!).

    The funniest moment for me came when the trucks were making their way into the arena. Digger got the special 30th anniversary intro, the arena was all abuzz, its headlights reflected off the side of the wall next to the entrance...aaand then it died. As Gary Porter (!!!) stated towards the end of the night (it was out of action 'til freestyle :'( ), a solenoid went bad. I laughed when it happened...the fans all around me, however, didn't find it as ironic and/or funny.

    Aside from the Monster Jam "stars" (Digger, El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt, and Grinder), a local team, Hall Bros. Racing, known more for their part in the Bigfoot tour, was there to compete. I felt like I was in Bizarro World for a moment. :P

    The Hall Bros. trucks (Rammunition and Raminator, respectively) were LOUD. I don't know if they were supposed to sound like that or what, but 'twas quite annoying for an indoor arena. The other two involved, Bad Habit and Incinerator (which coincidentally smelled like it was on fire while it sat on our side of the arena between runs) certainly gave it their all. In Bad Habit's case, the freestyle he put on the next night (four shows in three nights...this was night two) was a nominee for freestyle of the year.

    I'm hoping they'll come back next year, and I also hope I'll have more money this time pained me having to pass up getting the 30th anniversary DVD set because I had almost nothing left in my bank account. I was excited as heck that Gary Porter had been announced as being at this particular show (long-time monster truck fans know who he is instantly, so there's no need for me to explain), and although Digger was dead for three-quarters of the show, he came back with a vengeance and got the freestyle win (DUH, why else would they make him last and score the trucks before so low?).

    ...I'm rambling, sorry.

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