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Thread: Slash 4x4 MT

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    Slash 4x4 MT

    Looking to sell for $500 shipped with everything or best offer.

    Up for sale is a purpose built Slash 4x4 Monster Truck conversion. Prices listed are what I paid new, I have had this truck for approximately 4 months, the motor and speed control I've had for less than 2 months. The truck can easily be converted back into SCT form by just using an SCT body, wheels and lowering the body mounts.

    Base Chassis: Traxxas Slash 4x4 SCT VXL Edition $400

    - 4x New Proline Trencher 2.8 tires, taped (to prevent ballooning), balanced and glued $50
    - 4x Traxxas Twin Star 2.8 wheels (trenchers are mounted on these) $20
    - 4x Tekno M6 steel axels in front and rear $110
    - 1x Traxxas Swaybar kit, hard front, soft rear $22 (comes with hard rear optional)
    - 4x Traxxas aluminum shock caps front and rear $10
    - 2x Losi green springs front $5
    - 2x Losi blue springs rear $5
    - 1x 45 wt silicone oil front and rear $5
    - 4x Traxxas Hardened steel titanium nitride shock shafts front and rear $20
    - 1x Castle creations SCT Combo: Castle 1415 series 2400kV 550 4 Pole motor, Castle Mamaba Max Pro controller $200
    - 1x Traxxas Heatsink Motor Mount $15
    - 1x King Headz Aluminum Larger Center Bearing Carrier $35
    - 1x Novak HV Heatsink for 550 BL motors $17
    - 1x Traxxas Diff Housing Support and spider gear set for rear diff $12
    - 1x JC Concepts Ford Raptor SVT Body for Slash 2wd and 4wd $37
    - 4x Set of IMEX Baja Wide 2.8 tires $45
    - 8x IMEX 2.8 wheels (I was going to get a second set of MT tires from IMEX but they are moving their factory so nothing is in production untill 2013) $40
    - 1x 4S 4500mah batterie, only 3 weeks old. I originally ordered two packs, one came with a bad cell (cell No 1). I will include that pack as it still has 3 good cells if take the time to remove the bad cell. $50
    - Hot Racing Aluminum bell crank $30
    - Aluminum Slipper Pads $10
    - 15 – 19T Traxxas Mod .8 pinions $15
    - Various spare bearings & replacement parts

    Total Value New (does not include cost of extras): $1,153

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