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    Cool Ok Another Question from me, This one about shocks and Differences.

    I went to Hobbytown USA and the Salesman/Cashier (Which BTW I was totally Unimpressed with and Kinda Offended by the way I was Treated and I was there to Purchase things not just ask a Bunch of Questions which I am sure they get from people with no intentions of making a Purchase) He said the Black T-Maxx Shocks and the Grey Shocks along with the Big Bore Shocks are all the same.
    Is that True? Why would they make 3 Different kind of shocks that are Identical?
    Also when I change the Shock Oil can I Filter The current oil and save it for later useage or is it considered a consumable Item that just needs to be replaced each time you rebuild a shock or switch wt.?
    To rebuild 8 shocks how much oild do I need to be sure I am able to fill each one to proper level?
    I have 1 #1666 Silicon Damper oil that is supposed to be 30wt though I do not see that written anywhere on package or bottle and it does not appear to be enough to do all 8 shocks (just from my figuring shock size and bottle size) how many shocks is this bottle suppose to fill?
    Thanks for all the great help everyone and Sorry I ask so many questions soon I will run out of things to ask then hopefully I can share my knowledge with others.

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    The original black ultra (stock) shocks are made from a more brittle plastic than the newer grey (stock) shocks.
    The Big Bore shock bodies and caps are made from aluminum and hold up much better than the stock shocks.
    The average bottle of shock oil is more than enough to fill all 8 shocks (depends on the size of the bottle).
    I consider shock oil consumable and discard it when changing oil.
    No slipper/tall gearing/power = broken parts.

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    Ok Great Answers @Snook Man, Oil Consumable and Toss.
    The BB Shocksa are aluminum that is Huge, Why wouldn't the Hobby guy have mentioned that I mean wow that is a huge differance.
    It is the Bottle size that comes in Traxxas Part # 1666. I have looked and have yet to find what Size they claim it to be.
    I will check on teh very Bottom of teh bottle sometimes the bottle man. will have teh sizes on teh molds they use when they blow mold these hings so I may get Lucky.
    Ok I have been reading about the Shafts, I have found the stock ones, chrome plated ones and then TiN Shafts.
    I am assuming the TiN is referring to the Titanium Nitride Infused of something like that, Is it supposed to make the shafts Stroger(Less likely to bend or break) Or is this a wear resistance make shaft slicker wear longer Idea?
    I currently have 1 Set of Grey Shocks with Progressive Springs, 2 Sets of Black Shocks With Stock Red Springs.
    Looks like my best bet for now would be to keep the Grey Shocks with the (White) Progressive Springs on for now and either pick up a set of BB Aluminum ones and some more Progressive Springs plus the Assortment set I have seen when I have the extra cash or rebuild these if they start leaking (referring to grey shocks again)
    @Snook Man Thanks SO much for you Reply and great info I appreciate it.

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    Because most of the guy's you will see are counter sales guys, & have barely the knowledge to tell the difference between Nitro & Brushless.
    Not all mind you but I would guess 70% of them are mostly clueless.

    TRX #1666 is 1/2oz according to Tower, most shock oils come in 2oz bottles, I use either AE or Team Losi shock fluids.
    30wt is really to thin, most are running at least 40wt.

    The Ti coating just makes for a more wear resistant surface.

    For springs you may want to try some of the duel rate springs found on Ebay(RC Raven, Integy! #22297PRO set, Lunsford, VG Racing).
    Look out for the tree/crunch!

    LiPo? Naw NITRO!!

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