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Thread: Powerlab 6

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    Powerlab 6

    I'm looking to sell my onyx 245 and get one of these ^^bad question is while I'm looking/waiting for the right power supply I could just use the 2 12v car batteries correct ?

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    That I'm not sure would work. Your taking a huge step up from the charger you have now. I've seen the supplies you need for 80+shipping on eBay for 2 12v 47amps. Already to go so you don't have to convert your self
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    It is SOOOO easy to convert power supplies... and CHEAP.
    One of the last ones I did did not even require soldering to get 12v and 41a... for less than $15!!

    I have even had members buy supplies shipped directly to me to have them converted and ready to go...
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    It occurs to me that this is actually third-party product support, but in general any DC charger can be powered by a 12V battery, and some by a 24V battery/ies.
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