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    Old Rustler owner with brushless upgrade questions

    I was recently given a box of my old RC equipment, stuff I havent touched in 12 years. I have an old model 3701 Traxxas Rustler. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most if not all parts have largely remained the same, making a rebuild super easy. Mine is still is perfect shape, maybe looking to swap out some more fragile parts for aluminum (i had a habit of snapping castor blocks) I also have come to realize that the game has changed significantly with the rise of brushless motors. I am hoping to upgrade to a basic brushless motor setup but i am totally lost between how to choose a battery, esp and motor and if i need to upgrade my gearbox with metal gears and a slipper clutch. I see builds with esp fans and big honkin motor heatsinks. All this stuff wasnt necessary when i was running this thing back in the day. I turn to you, the experienced modern day Rustler owners. Can anyone give me a rundown of what to get and how to choose parts? I'll even settle for just a rundown of a tried and tested setup. Im not looking for all out speed (but it wouldnt hurt). Ive already read suggestions for buying a brushless ready tranny on ebay, perhaps swap out the box for aluminum if heat dissipation is key. Also, a decent starting gear ratio would be very helpful as well. Thanks.

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    My old rusty 3710 . I just rebuild the trans, and upgraded every the over to the VXL when i found parts cheep off ebay , the best thing is to download the pdf files for the rusty VXL and go from there . I wont go into after market parts , To many members hv there own opinion's . No by the way . Welcome to the Forum .
    Hear is the link on rusty .
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