Hi everyone... If I knew there was a forum I would have been here a long time ago... I hope some of you won't mind helping me out... Here's my problem.

I have a Revo 3.3 I have had for a few years now... Just got it back out to get goin and have some fun and when I turn on the transmitter and receiver there seemed to be interference. The steering servo was figity. When I turn right with the transmitter the wheels on the revo would turn right but with what seemed like interference and some times not all the way right. No sound of gear trouble in the servo... The controls seemed to be backwards at times too.. When I would attmept to turn the wheels left they would stay straight... Then sometimes when I turn the wheel right the revo will turn its wheels left.. Controls reversed somehow.. Very random which way it goes but one things constant.. I can't get the wheels to go left on purpose. I pulled the trigger and the throttle servo started to act figity and random too... I thought maybe there was a problem with the crystal set so I replaced with new. The symptoms remained with new crystals.. Before checking the servos I upgraded to the water proof high torque ones anyway... Same problems remain...

Anyone have any knowledge of whether it is a problem with the transmitter and or receiver? Maybe I should upgrade from the TQ3 to a 2.4GHz?

Sorry for all the dumb questions but I am just ignorant to what and how this stuff works. Thanks in advance for any help... Also, if any of you have switched to a 2.4 setup... How do you like it and what would you recommend?