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    I've had it, finally going swap to a different ESC

    After 3 castle ESC replacements, I need a change. The latest replacement ESC ran 225F after a 5 min on the first run and that was with the Castle Cap pack added. On the second run with the replacement ESC, both caps blew with the standard electrolytic fluild mess under the hatch.

    So in the meatime, I just ordered a T-180 v3 while I wait for my 4th replacement from Castle. Compared to the Castle ESC, the T-180 has 10 gauge wire and 7 capacitors, so I am hopefully this one will work. Its amazing to me the stock ESC only has 13 gauge wire!

    Anyone have any data on how the T - 180 works with the stock Castle Motor? how about the connectors? I ordered some castlle 5.5mm bullets which I think will work, at least based on my caliper measurements of the motor wires. I also plan to use a seperate BEC to help reduce the load on the ESC itself.

    Any tips on installing the T - 180? I think it will need to be raised up a bit to clear the stock radio tray...
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