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    need help with dual fans

    I need to run two fan at this point, one for the motor and another for the esc. ive got stock traxxas electronics except for my servo. would it be better to run the fans in series or parallel? i currently have 1 25mm fan on my esc, i will prob by an identical fan for the motor. will running 2 fans off the stock traxxas reciever be too much of a load? i know I could change my gearing (currently 29 or 30 / 55 with stampede tires) but I like to go fast and I love the ground clearance I get with the stampede wheel tire setup. also, im using a generic lhs fan. does anyone know of a high flow/high performance brand (part #) fan and where i could get a set??? my generic fans done ok till now but these bigger tires are making alot more heat under the hood....

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    2 fans is not too much load. They do not draw many amps at all.
    They would need to be in parallel unless they are 3v fans.

    50togo has linked others to a high speed 6v fan... hopefully he will chime in.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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