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    esc issue

    Has anyone had there castle esc switch fail on them ? I bought my e revo brushless brand new 8 months ago and didtnt use it too often, i used it like 6 times in lots of dust/dirt area for bashing and a while after useing it i couldnt get the swtich to turn on at all, i kept having to try it many times switching back and forth till it finally turned on and worked perfectly runs great but almost all the time now i cant get it to turn on without trying it back and forth for a while. i ran 4s lipos in it mostly the traxxas 25c 2s 7600mah sets and it had so much power on those. i sent it to caslte last week and they told me it might be a wire or switch going out on it when i called before i sent it in. i wonder why though i never beat it too hard. so im just waiting to see what castle tells me when they call me back.
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