I have 2 x Traxxas Powercell 3000mah 8.4v 7cell NIMH packs.
I wanted to discharge them. So i searched on some information about discharging Traxxas 7cell 8.4v NIMH.
Discharge rate: As wot charger does. I did it at a rate of 0.50amps
Cut off Voltage: 6.3v that is 0.9v per cell (7 cell batt)
So it started disharging and the volts got lower and lower...
Pic of charger in discharging process...

When it hit 6.3v it stopped discharging... so far all good...
OK then i got a multimeter to measure the voltage... set the multimeter to (DC Voltage)
THis is what i got.

My main concern is that should it be showing 6.3v on the multimeter or not?
If so what went wrong?