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    Good buy Slash 4x4 and Hello Traxxas Rally in the Spring.

    IT Saddens me that I had to sell my slash 4x4 to pay for some stuff. But I will be back in full effect in the Spring After I get My Coaching Check with a brand New Traxxas Rally. I hope they have more bodies by then and more parts from RPM. I think it was a great Idea to make a rally car. Since it kinda based on the slash 4x4 you know it is going to be tough. I was wondering 2200 to 2400 Motors are probably the best motors for this car right? Since rally racing is more about Torque than top speed. Thanks you. D

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    I'm planning to get the castle 2650kv for mine and run it on 3s with my MMP. I haven't bought it yet but a lot of guys recommend it.

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    I think that you'll be happier with a MMM running your 2650 O.G. I say that because, in ny experience, a MMP runs on the warm to hot side with 3s. You could simply eliminate the chance of overheating by bumping it up to the MMM. I run 3s most of the time, my esc fan runs 75% of the time too.
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    The MMM will fit in there im pretty sure. If you move your RX box up front (which requires no mods) I think the MMM could wedge down in there pretty easy.

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    I don't think you even need to move the receiver box. Traxxas say's it is a direct drop in mod no other mod's needed. thinking that there are hole's for the MMM traxxas mount under the vxl esc.
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