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    Rear body mount front bolt


    Lookin for a little help with the rear body mount on my 1/10 erevo. The front bolt that looks like it goes into the bulkhead has stripped out causing the whole mount to fold back and snap off in a good stack.

    Do I pull the bulk head apart to get to the stripped nut and can I replace it or will it need to be hellicoiled out?

    Has anyone had this problem and how did you go about fixing it?

    Do u haveanything good to say about a alloy rear body mount?

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    Some guys use the rear chassis brace mod to prevent that from happening.

    This is what I did instead and is working just fine...I haven't felt the need to do the rear chassis brace mod...have a look at post #78

    I think you will have to remove the bulks to get it out...not too hard a job.
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