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    What prop for stock electronics and 4S only?

    Just bought a snap on spartan. Its got stock electronics with an upgraded cooling jacket. Id like to switch to a metal prop... Ill only be running 4S, probably 8-10 minute runs max. I dont want to have heat issues at all so what prop is my best choice. If I could get a bit more speed, good. If not, thats fine too. I just dont want to have heat issues.

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    To be on the safe side I would recommend the Octura X442, it is essentially the metal prop equivalent of the stock prop.

    Running on 4S will take some load of the components, so you could likely step up slightly on the prop without too much concern.

    The Prather 215 is slightly smaller in diameter, but higher pitch, or you could try an X642 or M642.

    The M series props have a different blade shape, with less surface area, so even though it has the same diameter and pitch as the X642, it would reduce the load on the components a bit due to having less surface area.


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