Hi all,

Just ordered a new erevo 5608l, this is my first attempt at a RC car, hopefully I made a good decision and will enjoy the car as the rest of you do once it arrives at my door steps.

Together with my order I threw in the following parts after doing some reading:

Dynamite Startup Tool Set for Traxxas Vehicles
RPM Front Left Suspension Arms (2) (Black): Revo 2.5 & 3.3
RPM Front Right Suspension Arms (2) (Black): Revo 2.5 & 3.3
RPM True-Track Rear A-Arm Conversion Set (Black): Traxxas Revo

My question would be which other components / lubricants are suggested to have on hand to keep the ride maintained (as long as nothing brakes ofcourse).

Thanking in advance for all incomming answers.