So i have had the p4de for a good while now, but barely ran it because of my fondness/addiction to the P2de. Some of you have seen my HR P2DE XL build over in the stampede and monster jam forums

Recently one of my buddies had been bugging me to sell him my XO-1 and he also wanted to buy a P4de, so i sold both of mine to him for a package deal. My old P4de was pretty much stock except for steel cvds, a tekin rx8 and pro4 3300kv combo and badlands tires and was only ran about 20 times. Although i do not miss the xo-1 because it was an absolute displeasure to drive, i did miss the p4de because after all it is still a Stampede and with the tekin system in it, it had the velocity of a bullet!

So i decided i needed to get another P4de asap, so i did. This model comes with the tqi and i picked it up at Future Shop for $389.99+taxes.

Just like all 2wd and 4x4 Stampedes, it comes with the redneck jacked up body look which i really think is bunk, especially considering it doesnt offer any benefits to the truck, so im not sure what the Traxxas motive is for mounting it up so crazy high. Rather than pay $20 bucks for shorter body posts, i just cut the rear posts down and bolted em back on. A two minute job.

For the front, i just completely removed the mount altogether, and from having so much experience with 2wd pede mounts, i could see right away that i could easily make the front adjustable 2wd monster jam mounts fit with minor modifications and look like they were made to be there, and they do. I just had to cut the bottom tabs off then drill holes to match the shock mounting holes of the tower, then drill new holes in the stock lid to mount it up. Now i have way more versatility when mounting aftermarket bodies.

Dont worry, im gonna make the adjustable rear MJ mounts work too, im just figuring out the best and strongest way to mount them using parts that most of us would have on hand. Having the front and rear mj mounts on this truck will open up a lot more body options, as i havent found a body i couldnt mount on a p2de using the mj mounts.

I switched out the shock bodies to black ones for now until i find another upgraded set of aluminum shocks that are completely black, as the all blacked out look is what im going for on this build. I also added some HR aluminum shock caps that i had laying around as well as some black springs. I have had a great experience with the Hot Racing parts on my HR P2DE XL, and since HR offers all black aluminum parts for the 4x4, its an easy choice for me on this build. As you can see, ive also changed out the front links to some axial 5mm aluminum tube links.

Although my last p4de was a torque monster with the tekin rx8 and pro4 3300 combo in it, that combo was sold with the truck and now that winter is here (along with a ton of snow) the vxl will stay in the truck for the winter for waterproof bashing in the snow. I use 2.2 proline sand paws to haul tail through the snow... and they do! The truck rarely ever gets stuck and when in the deeper powder, as the cold makes the rubber compound harden up, they get even better.

Being one of the first guys to mount up the ET-3s and ET-2400 combo in a p2de, i have had a lot of drive time with the combo and can easily say that it outperforms the rx8/pro4 3300 combo. Since i now own five of the et-3s escs and 3 of the et-2400 motors, that is what will be mounted up in this truck once the snow is gone, along with all necessary upgrades to handle the power. Just have to do something about the green.

The FLM 17mm adapters from my HR P2DE Xl fit nicely on this truck, so another set is already on the way along with another set of the full offset 3.2" ofna mt splits wheels. I am going to see about getting the flm adapters powder coated or anodized and am going to try dying the white ofna wheels and the chassis black. This adapter/wheel combo gives some nice stance width to the truck and should work well with the protrac kit i ordered. Not sure which tires im gonna use on this build, but im leaning towards the mashers so ive already ordered some to see how they turn out.

The list of upgrades will be pretty long for this build, but lots have been already purchased and are in route as we speak. I will be using all the Hot Racing aluminum parts that are available in black for the p4de and hopefully with the help of the forum, ill be able to keep the all blacked out theme for any other parts ill be looking for (such as a good set of all black aluminum threaded body shocks with black springs). If i have to resort to using a second color tone for some parts, it will be polished aluminum.

Thanks for checking out my new build, i will update as the parts arrive.